Quality Statement

Quality Management is integral to Apogee Solutions’ active management philosophy—our emphasis on quality begins with our CEO and extends down to the individual employee.  Per ISO 9001, quality management includes all the activities that organizations use to direct, control, and coordinate quality.  These activities include formulating a quality policy and setting quality objectives.  They also include quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement.  Our mission is to ensure that each costumer receives the best possible mission support and that our personnel perform their duties efficiently, effectively, and safely. 

Our work force incorporates the principles outlined in ISO 9001, the quality standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization.  ISO 9001 defines the requirements for an effective quality management system based upon quality industrial practices and is a reflection of good business management principles.  Integration of these principles into every day operations allows us to employ uniform processes across the organization and provide a level of standardization that assists in maintaining the pace and quality of work.  ISO 9001 tells an organization “what” to do, not “how” to do it.  The primary tenet of our quality program is to assign deficiency prevention a higher priority than deficiency correction to ensure all performance work statement requirements are consistently delivered that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Apogee Solutions Quality Control Plan